Saturday, December 7, 2013

BFA Bound

My first semester in the Bachelors of Fine Arts program at Wright State University is coming to a close. Next week I have final studio critiques in photography 1, drawing 1, and 3D foundations. I am prepared for all three. Five rolls of film developed, five photographs printed and three of those are matted. I am going to miss the dark room. My final drawing is complete. And my three plaster sculptures are ready for display. All of those have kept me busy over the last several weeks. My other remaining final is on Thursday in art history. It will be a tough one but I am already studying and will be studying until I sit down for the test. I have thoroughly enjoyed this semester. Making new (young) friends, learning quiet a lot and just discovering that I can do this.
Here's a look at some of my favorite homework assignments for drawing 1. Do you recognize anyone? The first two were copied from library books but the rest are all from life. Either still lifes or live models.

copy a value drawing assignment

"copy of a Giacometti portrait"
copy a drawing we liked assignment

 Contour drawing

overall dark values assignment

Dramatic lighting assignment after discussing Mirandi
 Quick sketch during Thanksgiving break,
I am addicted to drawing

I got to work on a painting commission today. You will be seeing some oil paintings by the end of next week when finals are done. I am ready to paint!


  1. I am so proud of you and it sounds like you are well prepared. I just finished my last week of classes and have an exam in ceramics Monday and my final painting is due Tuesday. Then all is over with. I, too, have really enjoyed my relationship with the younger students.

  2. Hi Patti...I like the hand in the top drawing! This brings back memories of when I did my drawing studies...I learned such a lot:)

  3. Great drawings, Patti. I wish I could become addicted to drawing, but I forget to take the time. Did the sketchbooks in every room and in the car help you to make it a habit?


I appreciate all of your comments! Patti

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