Thursday, November 7, 2013

Feline Fun


Drawing is one of the classes that I am taking this semester on my quest for a BFA. I've decided that I should leave a sketchbook and pencil laying around in plain sight in every room in the house and in the car. If I see a sketchbook, I draw. If I don't see one, I forget.
 I find it fascinating how many marks you can make with a pen or pencil. The photos I've attached are all of simple gesture drawings in pencil of my cat, Carlos. Except for the last drawing, it is a contour drawing. For the contour drawing, I caught Carlos laying on the couch, showing me his tummy and holding his upper paw in the most bizarre angle up under his chin. I did all of these drawings from life. Carlos was only asleep in the contour drawing. Can you see the motion in the top three drawings? I've been sketching a cat just about every day. If I see a sketchbook.

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  1. What a great idea. I carry a sketch book around in my large tote but never sketch in it. At your suggestion, I am going to leave one in every room.


I appreciate all of your comments! Patti

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